It all starts with one idea

Are you about to start your company or recently did? You can apply to join the Arctic Business Incubator. If approved, you receive initial investment from Arctic Ventures and we will mentor you individually for up to two years and provide you with everything you need – business development, customer reach out, connections to venture capitalists and investors, building your team and the development of your own skills.

Next application deadline is May 31st 2023

Here’s what you get

We support you every step of the way. From validating your idea to providing strategic insight, funding your business, creating your leading team and offering full access to our global network.


Our team of business leaders, industry experts and advisors help you launch your idea and turn it into a profitable business.


Upon joining the Arctic Business Incubator program, you’ll receive immediate funding from our angel investment company Arctic Ventures (400 000 SEK). We will also provide support and help with attracting further funding.


Build your high-performing team through our extensive network. Hire staff and recruit the most impactful board members.


Price and business model, negotiation and market analysis, we help with everything.


We will help you understand how you can protect your idea and how to conduct yourself with regards to laws and regulations, as well as any patents and licenses.

Office & equipment

We offer cost-effective offices with access to 3D-printers, maker-space, modern environments with good meeting places.

Immediate investment from Arctic Ventures

Once admitted to the Arctic Business Incubator you will be qualified to receive an investment in the form of a convertible loan of 400,000 SEK from the angel investor company Arctic Ventures.

During the first year of incubation you will get to meet the angels at a number of times, all of them experienced entrepreneurs with a lot of knowledge to share. We will also work with you to secure further funding.

Who’s admitted to the Arctic Business Incubator?

We, like you, are a small hardworking team with limited resources which means that we can’t accept all ideas and teams that we would like to. Our overall assessment is therefor based on who have the best potential according to the following parameters.


New and innovative idea, can be new technology, a new business model or something else.

Business model

Clear export potential, direct or in the near future. Potential for revenues >30 MSEK within a few years.


You have a plan and we can see your ability to attract the funding needed.


Clarified Intellectual Property situation (source code, idea, etc.), freedom to act and perhaps protect.


At least two people w. balanced profile dedicated to the business and ready to take the company to the next level.

Type of enterprise

Limited company (Swedish: aktiebolag) based in northern Sweden.

Years of activity

Maximum five years old or starting the company directly upon admission.


You operation and service/offering should contribute to the sustainable development goals (Agenda 2030).

Presentation of idea

Ability to pitch yourselves and your idea in a good way.


From previous co-workers or managers.

How do I apply?

Send us your application including following documents.

(i) A short and straightforward business plan, (ii) a presentation, (iii) a financial plan or budget (where you present in detail what the 400 000 SEK investment from Arctic Ventures will be used for) and last (iv) one to two personal references. The material can be in either Swedish or English.

Once we have received your application, we look it through and will meet those with matching criteria. You’ll then get the chance to present your idea and we will ask you a number of questions. After this step we will decide who will get admitted to the Incubator.

Once we have received your application, we look it through and will meet those with matching criteria. You’ll then get the chance to present your idea and we will ask you a number of questions. After this step we will decide who will get admitted to the Arctic Business Incubator.

Here are some documents you can use:

Business plan – Swedish & English templates (doc)
Company presentation – Swedish & English templates (ppt)
Financial models –
English template (xls)

Admission dates

2023:1 Cohort
May 31st, 2400 CET – Application & send in your material deadline
June 14-15th – Presentations by selected teams for admission.

2023:2 Cohort
November 20th, 2400 CET – Application & send in your material deadline
December 5-6th – Presentations by selected teams for admission.

What does it cost and how does it work?

The Arctic Business Incubator has a fee in the form of an annual royalty of SEK 75,000. When you leave the incubator, after i.e. two years, you will have SEK 150,000 (2x SEK 75,000) in royalties. You will have five years to pay back. If you are not able to pay back within five years, it is written off.

This and information about our facilities, confidentiality against other companies etc. is governed by the membership agreement signed between Arctic Business Incubator and your company.

A consistent track-record of building successful companies since 2005.


With over 150 startups, from smart grid to cutting edge space technology, we’re proud to have solved global challenges alongside the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs.


We’ve employed over 350 highly skilled professionals both within our existing business hub and across various industries and geographies.


We’ve taken a thousand ideas and turned them into profitable businesses. The current value of these companies combined exceeds 2 billion SEK.

Sandra Nilsson
Arctic Space Technologies

“Arctic Business provided us with the toolbox needed to be able to create a team, a business model and a strategy to reach the complex space market. Without their support, we would not be where we are today.”

Moses Browne Mwakyanjala
Remos Space Systems

“Arctic Business massively help us to align our business with Swedish regulations, expand our team, meet investors and successfully progress our business to achieve the company vision.”

Emil Lilja

“Arctic Business supported us through the whole process. Employing is a big thing when you’re just starting out, and we are happy and thankful to know that we grew with the right people.”

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