Global Innovation Challenge – Cohort 2

After a successful first round of our innovation program COLLAB Composite together with Piteå Science Park and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden we are now moving on to new future composite challenges from Saab and Hitachi Energy. Now, three new challenges are available. All information about our Innovation Program Collab Compositeand the process can be found here. […]

Arctic Business appoints renowned David Eriksson as Partner Manager

Arctic Business is delighted to announce the appointment of David Eriksson as Partner Manager. With a long and distinguished international career, Mr. Eriksson brings a wealth of network, experience, and expertise to this pivotal role. In today’s landscape, the ability of startups to innovate and address global sustainability challenges is of utmost importance. Recognizing this, […]

Pitch day for the first round of Collab Composites

In early March, we hosted the pitch day for the first round of Collab Composites. Out of a total of 18 applicants, seven companies from around the world were selected to present their innovative ideas to our industry partners, Saab Group and Hitachi Energy. Four companies were physically present at RISE in Öjebyn, while three […]

Saab och Hitachi Energy går in i Collab Composite

Bolagen ska locka kompositföretag och startups från hela Europa att från Piteå lösa olika utmaningar och problem inom fiberkompositer. Målet under 2024 är att ha startat 4 utvecklingsprojekt vid Piteå Science Park tillsammans med bolagen och andra samarbetspartners. Collab Composite, ett samarbete mellan Arctic Business och Piteå Science Park, lanserades i april 2023 med syfte […]