Let global industrial challenges become yours.

Collab is a fast track to strategic partnership and innovation between startups and industry leaders. Northern Sweden is the perfect environment for problem solvers worldwide, with large investments in sustainable innovation and development. Here, we welcome you to grow your global business, find talent and create new innovative product and services..

Introducing Arctic Business Collab

Collab is a unique offering from Arctic Business, where we help industry leaders find new sustainable innovations and technologies in our five key areas of expertise. Our experts analyse and identify industrial challenges and needs, and match them with new disruptive products and technology from innovative start-ups worldwide. Then industry and start-ups can jointly collaborate around this with the support from us, test beds, experts, academia, and science parks in northern Sweden.


Partnership for innovation

Collab gives start-ups access to challenges from industry leaders and the opportunity to pitch innovative ideas to them. Our process helps start-ups and industry partners to jointly solve challenges and create new disruptive solutions. The results can lead to new partnerships, commercial agreements, and much more.

These are the steps for Collab:

  1. Defining industry challenges
  2. Start-ups applying to join
  3. Pitch day for selected start-ups
  4. Industry and start-ups agree on PoC
  5. Proof-of-concept performed
  6. Access to experts, testbeds, and more as needed during PoC
  7. Partners agree on the next step moving forward

Benefits for industry leaders

Sometime large companies find it hard to innovate effectively on their own. It is complex and time-consuming to scout innovation, and in many cases, it is hard to envision solutions that you don’t know about or perhaps are created in other sectors. By being open-minded to collaborate with innovative start-ups, there is a great opportunity to take your businesses to new heights.

Innovate effectively

As an industry partner, you will be exposed to innovation and new technology from start-ups. This can help you solve challenges and/or create new products and services.

You decide how

Collab will scout and presents possible start-ups for you to work with. You then decide if and how you wish to work with them. We envision you will define and fund PoC projects with start-ups of your choice.

Access competence

Get access to experts, production and testing facilities, and world-class science parks in Northern Sweden for your PoC. World-class environment for innovation.

Benefits for start-ups

As a start-up, you can have the team, the vision and technology to change the world but you are likely facing limited resources and time. We will get you infront of industry leaders and allow you to show how you can tackle their challenges. The goal is to get you to jointly create new products and services, accelerate, and attract new partners and customers.


Meet other innovative start-ups and industry leaders to expand your business network for possible future opportunities. Access expert and R&D facilities.

Prove your worth

By working with global companies, you can prove your worth as an innovator and company. Can lead to customers, partners, help with attracting investments or funding.

Industry visibility

Access and visibility towards industry. Allowing you to build and strengthen partnerships by solving industrial challenges together with highly regarded companies on a global level.

Experience the perfect environment for problem solvers


Collab is hosted at the three science parks where Arctic Business is present. They are located in Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå.


Arctic Business is an expert in 5 industry sectors; energy, space, composites, mineral, and forestry. Here, in Northern Sweden, we have world-class competence and infrastructure.


With over 180 start-ups created, we’re proud to have solved global challenges alongside the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs.

Arctic Business Collab operates from the North of Sweden. Here, we have built a unique creative network consisting of three science parks, physical testbeds, research institutes, and innovation-driven companies. We welcome you to have a seat at our table.

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